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Azerbaijani President signs decree declaring 2013 as the “Year of ICT”

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed a decree to declare the year 2013 as the “Year of ICT” in Azerbaijan.

Taking into account the UN General Assembly resolutions on the "Millennium Declaration" and the "Use of information and communication technologies for development", and to ensure the application of the advanced technologies in various areas of everyday life of the citizens, the year of  2013 has been declared  the "Year of  Information-communication technologies" in Azerbaijan Republic.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies (MCIT) in cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan was charged with preparing a plan of measures on the announcement of  2013 as  the "Year of information and communication technologies" and  submit to the President of Azerbaijan within one month. The Cabinet of Ministers is instructed to settle the issues arising from the decree.

The decree says that the implementation of the "National Strategy for Information and Communication Technologies for Development of Azerbaijan Republic (2003-2012)" has created  an appropriate legal framework  for the formation of information society in our country. Along with this, as a  result of the implementation of government programs and necessary reforms have provided more rapid integration of our country into the global electronic space, important steps have been taken  towards the establishment of e-government, the establishment of a knowledge-based economy, information security and  other issues.

Application of the latest technology 4G in the country, better placement of materials about our national heritage and culture in the virtual space, enrichment  of Azerbaijani internet resources, the spread of internet radio and internet television programs, electronic newspapers and magazines, the expansion of social networks and the transformation of great  part of the  republic's population to  Internet users are a clear indicator of the development of information and communication technologies. Entering a crucial stage of the launch of Azerbaijan’s artificial communication satellite into orbit with the participation of leading international experts in connection with the creation of the space industry, which will boost the progress of individual areas of science and technology, creates a solid foundation for full use of the potential of information and communication technologies.The establishment of the State Agency for Public Services & Social Innovations and “ASAN” service centers providing services to citizens by state agencies is also of great importance in the formation of e-government.


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