Azerbaijani President orders to improve activities in field of information security

President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on measures to improve activities in the field of information security.
 The decree states that in order to ensure the protection of information processes, to protect the stability and security of information resources of state authorities, to prevent risks in this area, analysis and warning, to coordinate the activities of state and non-state bodies and users of the infrastructure, to assess and manage risk cyber security, to ensure national preparedness and awareness, the Special Communication and Information Security State Agency was created on the basis of the Security Department of Special Communication and Information of the Special State Protection Service.
 The decree states that in order to coordinate information structures in cyber security, information on existing and potential electronic dangers at the country level, public education, private sector cyber security, a center of coordination structure of electronic security is created under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Center.
 The Cabinet and relevant governmental bodies are tasked to take measures for implementation of the Decree.






















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