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Ministry released statement in connection with cyber attacks

In the past few days, the Armenian side attempted to stop operation and access web-sites of Azerbaijan’s state bodies, information agencies, entertainment services. In their mass media Armenians confess openly to conducting these illegal activities and take proud of them. They even spread false information about assessing the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan’s website.

 In this connection, we inform that all the information spread by Armenian side is totally untrue, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan’s website is in fully working condition and all the attacks have been repulsed. Consequences of attacks on web-sites of other few state agencies were eliminated within a short period of time, and measures were taken to prevent future attacks.

Also, we inform that the information about attacking 30 Armenian websites by Azerbaijani side, which was spread by Armenian media in order to justify their actions, has not been confirmed. By conducting such illegal activities, the Armenian side limits the people’s right to get information and conduct business, which violates international norms.