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Meeting of Board of Trustees of UPU Quality of Service Fund kicks off in Bern

27-Nov-12 11:01.
The meeting of the Board of Trustees of Quality of Service Fund (QSF) of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) is held on 26-29 November in Bern, Switzerland.
Azerbaijan at today’s event of the Board of Trustees, which  consists  of representatives from 9 countries,  is represented by Nasir Hamidov, an employee from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan who was elected   a member from Eastern Europe and North Asia.

Sudan to benefit from Azerbaijan’s experience in field of E-government

26-Nov-12 14:20.
Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ali Abbasov met with Eissa Bashari Mohamed Hamid, Minister of Science and Communications of the Republic of Sudan, Secretary of the National Congress Party on Asian affairs.
Informing about the work done in ICT sphere in Azerbaijan, including the reforms carried out in the sphere of information technologies, regional and local projects and future prospects, Abbasov underlined that this sphere in the country is developing year after year.

Penetration level of broadband Internet to reach 85%

23-Nov-12 17:05.
Implementing a broadband Internet development project in Azerbaijan will increase Internet penetration to 85 per cent, the Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan Ali Abbasov told the media. "The successful implementation of the project will increase the quality of the services rendered to users of internet services," he said.

"The access speed will range from 10 to 100 megabits per second."

20th anniversary of newspaper "Rabita Dunyasi" marked

22-Nov-12 17:19.
The 20th anniversary of the official publication of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan - the newspaper "Rabita Dünyasi" (The World of Communications) was marked on November 20.
The newspaper was founded in 1992, and its first issue consisting of four pages came out in the same year and was published once a week.
The event was attended by representatives of government agencies, leaders of communications enterprises, associations, journalists and the public.

Panasonic to axe 8,000 more staff to cut costs

19-Nov-12 15:23.
Japanese consumer electronics firm Panasonic is to axe 8,000 jobs by the end of March 2013 as it continues its restructuring plans, the Computing reported.

The company has already axed 38,800 staff in a bid to return to profit, and the additional cuts will mean that about 13 per cent of its workforce has been eliminated in two years.

Apple, HTC settle patent disputes

12-Nov-12 17:12.
Apple and HTC have announced conclusion of amicable agreement in a case of illegal use of intellectual property.
Under the agreement, Apple and HTC withdraw all legal actions relating to each other. The companies also reached a 10-year licensing agreement covering the current and future patents of both corporations.
Note that the conflict between the two companies began in 2010.

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