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2013 declared the Year of ICT in Azerbaijan

16-Jan-13 14:28.
President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev declared 2013 the Year of information and communications technologies (ICT) in Azerbaijan.
Declaration of 2013 as the Year of ICT was made at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the outcomes of socio-economic development in 2012 and tasks lying ahead in 2013, which was presided over by the Head of State on January 15.

Gartner: PC shipments decline

15-Jan-13 16:33.
In 2012, worldwide PC shipments decreased by 3.5% to 352.7 million units, compared with 365.4 million in 2011. These figures are from the preliminary results of research firm Gartner. Earlier, a similar report was released by IDC which reported a decline in annual PC shipments by 3.2% to 352.4 million.
According to Gartner, reduction in shipments is due to the change in consumer priorities.

New nanofibers are 15 times stronger than steel

14-Jan-13 14:34.
British researchers from the University of Southampton have created the world’s strongest silica  nanofibers. They were several times stronger than steel. Historically, carbon nanotubes were the strongest material available, but high strengths could only be measured in very short samples just a few microns long, providing little practical value.
Unlike carbon nanotubes, the silica nanofibers created by British scientists are durable, and at the same time light, and they can be manufactured in lengths of thousands of kilometers.

Nine out of 10 companies 'not vulnerable' to cyber attack - or so they say

11-Jan-13 16:12.

Nine out of 10 companies do not believe that they are vulnerable to hackers, despite the fact that half have faced a "security incident" in the past year, the Computing reported.
That is the conclusion of a report into computer security by consultants Deloitte focusing on the technology, media and telecoms (TMT) sector. Some 88 per cent of all respondents to the survey - 92 per cent of respondents in the technology sector...

"1 student: 1 computer" contest kicks off

10-Jan-13 14:17.
On January 10, the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic announced the launch of contest "1 student: 1 computer".The contest  aims to  form  an individualized education based on information and communication technologies (ICT), and to  select  teachers and schools that are ready for more effective use of netbooks within the project "1 student: 1 computer”.
The contest will take place in two stages. Full information on the rules of the contest is available

Presidency in TAE project transferred to Azerbaijan

09-Jan-13 14:46.
A protocol, officially confirming the transfer of presidency in the project of international fiber-optic communication line Trans-Asia-Europe (TAE) from Ukraine to Azerbaijan for the period from 2013 to 2015, was signed.
Member states unanimously expressed their support for Azerbaijan’s presidency in the project. Azerbaijani side stated that during its presidency, all necessary efforts aimed at further improvement of the effectiveness of the TAE considering the ever-increasing demands of globalization will be made.

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