Statement of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies

Recently, some media outlets have published articles on the theft of 1.5 GB data on different documents and information concerning various bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan and country’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies (MCIT) (

Primary investigation carried out by relevant bodies revealed that the letters and documents published on various foreign sites concerning Azerbaijan are fully fake and biased. Thus, relevant bodies mentioned in the documents have sent letters to the ministry, confirming the falsity of the published information. Information and Communication Technologies Authority of Turkey, and the officials of the Department of International Relations of the Presidency expressed protest to the issue in writing, saying that they have no any documents with similar content. Currently, the investigation is underway in this direction.

It should be noted that today the provision of information security is an important and urgent issue worldwide. Today, Azerbaijan is a full member of international organizations such as the Coordination Center of Computer Security Incident Response Team (CERT), Trusted Introducer (Security and Incident Response Team community in Europe), The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) and other organizations.

MCIT once again states that such evil and biased information aimed at damaging the growing prestige and image of the country have no any grounds. The MCIT once again calls on the media to be more vigilant while publishing such information.

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