“Aztelekom” PU proposes users to make international calls with 35 countries of the world via IP telephony over the Internet by 50% discount. 

The international output code of the service is “00”. For example, for connecting Moscow city, Russia via IP telephony, a subscriber should dial as followings: 7 495 xxx-xx-xx 
Here “0” is an international output code, “00” is an output code over IP telephony, “7” is the country code of Russia, “495”is the code of Moscow, xxx-xx-xx is a landline number..

The advantages of İP telephony:

    • Save money: the call price via IP telephony is lower than other usual telephony
    • Mobility. You can contact anywhere that has Internet       
    • Being modern and advanced technology

    We offer you to use IP telephony services of the "Aztelecom" PU in order to make cheaper and qualified communication services with 35 countries of the world!

    Tariffs on international calls via IP telephony from the territories of the Republic