Paying system of the Toll and international telephone fees in ATM by means of plastic cards

According to the State Program on the Development of the Regions and Opening new work places, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies and “Aztelekom” PU do their best in the direction of providing people from any regions of the Republic and Baku with the high-quality communication services by the profitable conditions.

Recently, several measures relating to the growth and enlargement of the plastic card market are made on the state level.

In December 9, 2004, “State Program on Development of National Payment System in the Azerbaijan Republic for 2005-2007” has been ratified by the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, I.Aliyev. One of the major objectives of the program is the growth of the plastic card market.

So, today the payment of fees of the international and intercity calls via the plastic cards in ATM widely spread all over the country. Taking into account, the specialists of “Aztelekom” PU have made a long-term plan in this field and successfully implement it. In order to arrange the system, the experts of “Aztelecom” PU, Capital Bank, IAC (Information Accounting Center), “Azericard” Ltd. debated with one another and signed an agreement protocol.

In compliance with the documents, in the first phase of the payment system it is intended to apply this system at first in Baku, then in Sumgait, Absheron and other regions.

The plastic card payment system has been successfully implemented in Baku since January, 2006.

The essence of this system is that the subscribers are able to transfer money for intercity and international calls by plastic cards in ATMs of Capital Bank in Baku without going to the subscription departments.

The advantages of the system are as followings:

  • Cashless payment
  • Save time
  • Comfort for all subscribers  

We recommend all subscribers to use this advanced payment system.

On the following links, you can get detailed information about the rules of paying in ATMs and their list in the territory of the Republic.