About “Aztelekom” Production Union

“Aztelecom” PU of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies was established in August, 1992. The union combines 57 local telecommunication enterprises (Ganja Telecommunication Office, City Telecommunication Junctions in Sumgayit, Mingechevir, Shirvan və Naftalan and 49 district Telecommunication Units), International Automatic Telephone Station (IATS), object № 5650 and Technical Hub of Cable Mains.

As a national communication operator of Azerbaijani Republic, "Aztelekom" PU renders different communication and information technologies services to individual customers, corporate clients, communication operators and other users.

On 20 February, 2004 the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed a decree number 94 on the establishment of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies of the Azerbaijan Republic. According to the decree, Ali Abbasov, the well-known scientist and academician in the field of Information Technologies, was appointed the minister of the Communication and Information Technologies. Since that time, the field of Communication and Information Technologies has rapidly developed by quality in Azerbaijan.

In order to get new achievements, the Ministry determines new direction of  the activity of “Aztelekom”  Production Union which implements international and long-distance telephone communication services as well as local services in the whole territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan (except Baku city and Nakhchivan AR).

Besides, one of the present goals of “Aztelekom” PU is getting innovation in the sphere of Communication and Information Technologies of the territories. It should be noted that today the Union attains its object with success.

Nowadays, the main mission of “Aztelekom” PU is the implementation of the duties coming from the presidential decrees such as “Decree about the measures on the acceleration of the socio-economic development in the Republic of Azerbaijan” and “Decree about the confirmation of the State Program on the social-economic development of the regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan” in the telecoms sphere.